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Double-sided Babynest

AED 69

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About the product

Comfort and safety for your baby with our BABYNESTS.


100% Cotton

Size of the sleeping place: 30*70 cm (11,8*27,5 inches)

High boards (additional security): 15 cm (5,9 inches)

Natural filler: hyppoallergenic hollofiber

Color choice: we can offer the large number of fabric options


Set with Pillow and Blanket

100% Environmentally Friendly, Ecologically clean

NO glue

NO harmful substances

DOES NOT absorb moisture and odor

Retains its shape, easily restored

Babynest is a very convenient and functional gadget for young parents.

Cocoon is a cozy place that provides a baby with a feeling of comfort, stability and security during sleep.

This babynest can be used in a babby carriage, in a crib, and you can easily take it with you during trips.

It is also a great present for a newborn!

We offer professional and good quality tailoring from natural and environmentally friendly materials.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your choice!

Washing Instruction

After receiving the babynest we recommend you to steam the item within 5-7 minutes. Under the influence of steam, polyester fiber restores its shape.

For washing please use delicate mode (30 degrees Celsius mode). You can put out the mattress or wash a babynest together with a mattress. It is Not recommended to use the drying machine. Dry the babynest in a horizontal position, on a flat surface. If you wash together with a mattress steam it after washing, it restores its shape.

Please use detergents without bleach and chlorine.

SHIPPING Conditions:

We ship during 3-5 days after payment.

We send all the orders with Ukrainian Post

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